My primary intention in creating this site is learning – my learning, and perhaps yours. Experience has taught me that I learn most when I have a purpose. I have two degrees in science, but scientific knowledge expands while memory fades, so this endeavor seems eminently worthwhile. Because I am neither an evolutionary biologist nor a paleontologist, I will provide references wherever possible and links wherever appropriate.

My bias will be clear – I value truth. Being of scientific bent, I value the wonders that science reveals, and I am convinced that science offers the best means by which to understand the physical world. Since I value learning, I am opposed in principle to the further damage to science education posed by "intelligent design" theory. This does not mean that I am opposed to religion or to examination of the philosophical aspects of "intelligent design" theory. Rather, the current crisis in science education and debate with advocates of "intelligent design" has spurred me to re-educate myself in the sciences that I first studied in high school and university.


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